Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shanti Boutique, Yogi(ni) Jewelry for a Good Cause

Shanti Boutique, Yogi(ni) Jewelry for a Good Cause

by Crystal Water, owner and founder of Shanti Boutique

Conscious * ethical * charitable ...with these qualities in mind and action, Shanti Boutique is a fair trade business committed to producing unique jewelry, positive for people and planet.
When starting Shanti Boutique, my goal was to create a business that would not only serve as my dream job, but also make a difference in the world. So how can creating and selling jewelry achieve that? Well it's pretty simple: create meaningful jewelry that supports fair trade and charity while providing eclectic designs to conscious consumers and forward thinkers. 
Since I was a small child, I have had the pleasure to have many Tibetan friends. Altruism, hospitality and non-violence are just a few of the many wonderful qualities that Tibetan culture embodies. And they are also qualities we need so much in the world today. However, because many Tibetans are in exile and spread throughout the world, their culture is endangered. This is why I want to work to help preserve it. 
"Heart-centered activism" is what Jungian analyst and author, Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen, uses to describe working for a cause that is "meaningful, fun and motivated by love", thus becoming your soul work. Driven by this heart-centered activism, Shanti Boutique works with the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation TCEF, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture with a focus on Children's Education. Our involvement with TCEF is both active and financial. We donate 10% of the profits to TCEF as well as sponsoring a child and 2 grandparents. Since 2000, I've also been blessed to serve as a board member for TCEF. 
Through doing our soul work, we hope to offer you great jewelry that truly has a meaning far beyond it's artistic expression and works to improve lives. Enjoy our products and share the shanti!

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