Sunday, December 2, 2012

Britain's oldest supermodel Daphne Self

On November 20th 2012 Jenice Gaddis one of our Brand Ambassadors posted this picture of Daphne Selfe simply because she was inspired by the image and how elegantly beautiful Daphne looked in her pose.

Here is what Jenice said:

"This beautiful 83 year old woman is my inspiration. She proves that yoga is ageless, it is our Youth Serum, its strenth, its power, its beauty incarnate. ~JG"
I did some extra digging to find out more about Daphne who is indeed 83 and still working as a model and living in England.

I found a couple of newspaper articles from the UK which give a deal of her life story. Daphne describes herself as "Britains oldest Supermodel"

Here is the first story from London's Daily Mail:

Daily Mail

The second story is from three years ago but gives more information so is worth a read:

The Independent

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