Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Blog by Kristin Khederian of Om Shanti Marketing

This article is reproduced by kind permission of Kristin Khederian of Om Shanti Marketing.

It was originally posted on Kristin's blog on 11/18/12

Spruce up your Holiday Marketing

It's that time of the year again...The malls already have their Holiday Decorations out and retailers (both brick & mortar and online) are pushing holiday gifts in full force. But what about the Wellness Industry? How can we get our clients to jump on the gift giving band wagon without being cheesy or over-the-top? How do you best promote possibly the most important gift of all...The Gift of Health?!

Here are Om Shanti Marketing's Top Tips for Wellness Industry Holiday Marketing Success 

Offer a Great Discount on a Class Card or Unlimited Membership
Many studios are offering amazing discounts right now on Class Cards and Unlimited Memberships that can ONLY be used through the Holidays. For example, Stil Studio in Dedham is offering a $100 Holiday Unlimited Yoga Pass - unlimited yoga through Dec. 31st for only $100. Super smart since this is the time of year where most people give up on their fitness plans because they are too stressed out and consumed with work events, holidays parties, etc. However, a great deal like this will likely motivate your students to come to class more often, allowing them to experience a happier and less stressful Holiday Season and you to fill your classes. It's a no brainer and a win-win for both sides!

Offer a Creative Promotion that also Supports a Good Cause
People love to be charitable during the Holiday Season and help others that aren't so fortunate, so why not offer a great promotion at your studio that not only helps to drive business for you, but also helps others? Genius! One of my clients, Balance Studio in Cohasset, is offering a great promotion this season that also benefits Toys for Tots. You can buy one of their Balance Studio Water Bottles for just $10 and $5 of that goes directly to Toys for Tots. Each water bottle also has a great prize in it, such as gift certificates, magnets, coupons for free health food and drinks, etc. They are also offering $10 off your next class card or monthly membership purchase if you donate an actual toy to Toys for Tots. Just a few examples of great promotions that encourage giving and generosity this Holiday Season and boost your studio's sales.

Offer Specialized Workshops that Help your Clients De-Stress
The Holidays are certainly one of the most stressful times of the year. Help your clients de-stress by offering them the chance to partake in specialized workshops that help them in this area. The result? Happier clients and more business/profits for your studio derived from these special events. Inner Strength Studios in Watertown is offering a special "December De-Stress" workshop with Rebecca Pacheco, geared to "give your mind, body and spirit a lift to last through the season." Consider adding an event like this to your studio's workshop schedule. 

Gift Cards - The Gift that Keeps on Giving!
This one is sort of a no-brainer but make sure to offer Gift Cards for classes and other services at your studio. Since your clients are obviously into yoga, pilates, wellness, etc. chances are they want to share that love with someone close to them. Make sure to promote these Gift Cards as "Giving the Gift of Health" - it's the best gift you can possibly give and it's true! You could also offer some sort of a promotion around Gift Cards. For example, buy a Gift Card over $100 in value and get a free $15 Gift Card for yourself or someone else. 

Cheers to a blissful and successful Holiday Season! 
Kristin Khederian


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