Friday, May 2, 2014

New Exclusive Yoga Art Phone Cases

New Yoga Art Phone Cases!

12 Yoga & Inspirational Designs Exclusively available at DownDog for all i phones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Yoga Art Phone Cases

We figured that If we are going to create an exclusive DownDog Boutique yoga phone case then it should be a good one.

After hunting around and testing out a variety of phone cases we settled on the high quality American made extra durable two part cases manufactured by my custom cases. As soon as the sample arrived here at DownDog Boutique and we put it on one of our i phones we knew this was the case for us and our customers.

While not cheap cases for sure at $49.95 they are probably the highest quality cases we have seen. The printing is superb and the case really makes you feel like your phone is going to withstand being dropped a few times.

We then teamed up with artist Ellen Brenneman who has been creating wonderfully inspiring yoga artwork who adapted some of her wonderful artwork to help create this exclusive line of yoga phone cases only available here at DownDog Boutique

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