Monday, April 7, 2014

The top inspirational post on DownDog Boutique Facebook last week

Yoga for us is a Social activity. We know that some people want to just sit on a hill or a beach and be left alone with their practice but the team here at DownDog Boutique are just busting to share all things Yoga. We include Yoga instructors in our ranks and we all practice our Yoga multiple times per week.
That is why our Facebook pages and Pinterest Boards are about much more than the Yoga Clothes , Yoga Mats & Yoga Jewelrythat we sell on our site although we do have a Pinterest board dedicated to reviews of our Yoga stuff by us and our customers. Many of our posts on Facebook and boards on Pinterest are about Yoga Community themes.
If you love Yoga then join the conversation!
Each day we post an inspiration yoga quote or image on our Facebook page drawn from our "inspirations" Pinterest board. This was the most popular image from last week:

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