Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DownDog gets a makeover

Check out the new

The new website has all kinds of new features and upgrades from the old site:

  • You can now create an account and see your order history, track orders and log in for repeat orders. When signed in your shopping cart will hold your order until your ready to go.
  • Great rewards program! Get points for every purchase, leaving reviews etc and trade them in for cash off your next purchase or if you enough points your next favorite yoga pants could even be free. Get 100 bonus points just for signing up.
  • Create a wish list! (we all need that)
  • Compare products side by side
  • New sort & search features (By price, category etc)
  • E mail notifications when your order ships
  • Increased capacity for extra photo's. This will become more obvious as we start adding more views of items
  • Magic zoom feature so you can see a better close up of an item

A lot of the new features are behind the magic curtain but they will help us to add new products and update much faster. Often we have a waiting list to add new brands and products as it was a pretty slow process on the old site.

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